LiveGood Pull Tab Marketing Templates

Welcome to our exclusive tear-away marketing templates designed specifically for LiveGood affiliates who are ready to launch successful local campaigns in their cities. This eye-catching template is strategically crafted to capture attention and resonate with your target audience. By leveraging this professionally designed resource, you can effectively promote LiveGood products and initiatives while making a lasting impression in your community.

To get started, simply click the ‘Access and Customize Template’ button for the template you would like to use. This will direct you to Canva, a user-friendly online design platform. In Canva, you can easily customize the template by replacing the pre-existing information with your own personalized details, such as your name, contact details, profile image, and incorporating your unique QR code for an interactive element.

Once you’ve personalized the template in Canva, it’s time to unleash the power of tear-away marketing in your city. Select strategic locations where your target audience frequents, such as local coffee shops, community centers, gyms, or grocery stores. Display the printed templates on bulletin boards or designated tear-away boards, ensuring they are easily accessible and visually striking. Encourage passersby to take a tear-away portion, which contains essential information and a compelling call-to-action.

To access and edit the template, click the ‘Access and Customize Template’ button below. We believe in your success as a LiveGood affiliates and wish you the best as you leverage this powerful resource to drive your LiveGood business forward and create a positive ripple effect promoting a healthier and happier lifestyle for all.

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